ICCGSA Inversiones

ICCGSA Inversiones belongs to Grupo ICCGSA, which is a peruvian based group of companies whose mainly focus is established in the construction business. Nowadays, ICCGSA Inversiones is conformed, according to the Regulation of indirect ownership, linkage and economic group approved by Resolution SMV N ° 00019-2015, (effective since January 1st, 2017) by the following companies:

  • ICCGSA Concesiones
  • Valora Inmobiliaria
  • ICCGSA Agroindustrial
  • ICCGSA Forestal


ICCGSA Inversiones also has equity participation in the following companies:

  • Corporación Agrícola Olmos
  • Grúas e Izajes


ICCGSA Inversiones information in the Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores

This link contains the following information of ICCGSA Inversiones:

  • Annual Individual Financial Statements with the Independent Auditor´s Report
  • Annual Consolidated Financial Statements with the Independent Auditor´s Report
  • Quarterly Individual Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Annual Report
  • Important Facts