About us


ICCGSA has adopted a Quality, Safety, Occupational Health, Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy to ensure that all its activities are handled responsibly in the provision of Engineering, Construction and Work Maintenance services, including the facilities where the company’s activities are developed.

To achieve this, ICCGSA undertakes to:

  • Develop its activities with the highest standards of quality, safety, occupational health, environmental protection and social responsibility, which allow meeting the requirements of its clients within the time frame, preventing health damage and impairment at work by providing a healthy and safe workplace, preventing environmental pollution, maintaining a harmonious and respectful relationship with the communities where it operates, in order to promote and strengthen the company’s relationship with its stakeholders, thereby becoming an agent of change in the places where it operates.
  • Encourage the personal, technical and professional development of our staff, as well as their involvement in response to changes that may have an impact on Quality, Safety, Occupational Health, Environment and Social Responsibility.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the Quality, Safety, Occupational Health, Environmental and Social Responsibility Management System in its processes and the services that it provides, setting objectives for improvement and targets that allow evaluating its performance and taking the actions required to achieve the goals proposed.
  • Maintain an organizational culture with ethical values that encourages all members of the staff to take personal responsibility for Quality, Safety, Occupational Health, Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility.
  • Meet the applicable legal requirements and other commitments taken on by the company in terms of Occupational Safety and Health, as well as those related to Environmental and Social matters.